Light for your smile

If your dentist is equipped with a photostimulation device, you can enjoy faster orthodontic treatment with Smilers®! 

Photostimulation is regenerative technology that can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing (bone and gums) and treat many conditions. The tissue bio-stimulation technique using this device is called LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy).

A treatment time divided by 3. What more could you ask for?

After 10 years of clinical studies, it has been proven that photostimulation devices can reduce the duration of your orthodontic treatments by 2/3. 
In practice, patients who benefit from treatment associated with phototherapy change aligners every week and, at the time of this change, benefit from a light treatment program lasting about 4-5 minutes. What do you think of treatment that could last 6 months instead of 18?

In real terms, how does it work?

LCellular photostimulation or phototherapy has been used in general and specialised medicine for many years. The first study on restorative effects was published in 1965. It is a non-aggressive and non-thermal means of treatment with light radiation using the wavelengths of the light spectrum. The use of these wavelengths corresponds to a very precise area of action. The energy transported by this radiation (photons) has a stimulating effect on ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate, the energy reserve of our cells).
There is no age limit. Any person can be treated with the appliance, except for a few special cases. Please do not hesitate to ask your dentist for advice on the precautionary principles and possible contraindications. (Find out more)

ATP38: The restorative energy of light

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