Smilers® aligners

A gentle, discreet appliance that will make you smile again

Smilers® clear dental aligners are orthodontic appliances designed to correct the alignment of your teeth. They consist of a series of custom-made, clear, removable aligners made from impressions of your mandible and maxilla. These aligners are designed to apply gentle mechanical forces to correct minor defects in the teeth. As a result, each of your aligners will gradually initiate movement of your teeth thereby correcting their position. 

What are Smilers® aligners made of ?

Smilers® aligners are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), a CE marked, biocompatible material designed for use in the medical industry

Like you, we prefer “Made In France”!

Smilers® aligners are made in France, in high-tech factories located in the south of France, in Salon-de-Provence, where 3D printers allow us to manufacture custom-made aligners for your treatment plan

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